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Sales Management Consulting

Managing changes to the sales organisation

Most businesses experience organisational change, sometimes planned such as the launch of a new product range or perhaps an expansion of ‘headcount’. Change can also, on occasions, be enforced, such as the departure of a valued member of the team.  Here are a few examples where we have experience of advising and implementing changes to sales teams through our sales management consulting service:

  • Building a new sales team
  • Establishing a new sales management team
  • Creating and launching a new sales process
  • Switching to ‘working from home’
  • Switching to online selling
  • Increasing or switching the focus to Telesales
  • Increasing the focus on key account sales management

Improving an under-performing sales team

When a sales team starts to under-perform, how do we know if the problem is temporary or if there is a likelihood that the decline could continue over a long period?  A diagnostic review can examine all aspects of the team’s performance and show what the most likely reasons for the decline are.  We would look at a number of key areas to establish causes:

  • Sales manager performance
  • Individual sales person performance
  • Marketing support
  • Sales lead generation activity
  • The market in which you operate and competitor activity
  • Objective and target setting
  • Sales coaching and development

Once the causes have been understood, we would provide a recommendation for remedial action to provide the basis for a return to performance.

New sales people

Whether you are promoting from within or recruiting your sales people externally, the chances are that you will have invested considerable time and probably cash in trying to ensure that you have the best sales people for your business.  We provide expertise in some key areas to help you find those people but also to give them the best possible chance of success in their new role:


Our sales management consulting service can provide you with clarity and advice you need to get the best from your sales team.  We have over 30 years’ experience in selling and sales management so we are well placed to guide you towards the best solutions. 

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