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Developing resilience in the workplace

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Stress and resilience

Workplace stress is the largest single cause of absence from work in the UK according to the Health and Safety Executive, with over 11 million workdays lost for this reason in 2015-16 [Source:].  So what is the link between stress and resilience?

Stress at work may be caused by difficulties at home, the result of workplace challenges, or simply ongoing change in the business.  Whatever the cause, the impact on your business can be lower productivity and an increase in organisational costs such as recruitment.  Ironically, it is not the stress itself that reduces staff productivity, but rather how they respond to stress.

We can often be so embroiled in the stress of a situation that we are unable to view the causes of the stress rationally. Our personal resilience training uses the ‘Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency’ process developed by TRACOM, and it will empower your workforce to combat negative thinking and see challenges as real opportunities rather than as a source of anxiety.

The benefits of resiliency training

Research shows that highly resilient people respond to challenges with more flexibility, are more adaptable and as a result, perform more effectively in their jobs.  They are also more likely to be healthy, more focused on their work and have a higher commitment to their organisation.[Source: Youssef, Carolyn M. and Luthans, Fred, “Positive Organizational Behavior in the Workplace: e Impact of Hope, Optimism, and Resilience” (2007)].

Resilience course outline

The programme is available in 3.5hr or 6.5hr sessions:

The course teaches people about the sources of stress and practical strategies for stress management to alter their responses more positively.  It includes the ‘Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency’ multi-rater personal profile (also available on a self-perception basis).  Facilitating this course requires certification.  You may choose to certify your own staff to deliver the training or use our certified instructors to deliver effective on-site training. A detailed course outline can be found here.

The Resilient Mindset Model

Resilience Mindset Model

This consists of three dimensions and nine core elements:

FILTER – How you filter information and interpret the world

  • Personal responsibility – the extent to which individuals believe that their success at work is determined by their talents and motivation as opposed to external factors such as good luck or timing
  • Realistic optimism – individuals’ tendency to see the world in a positive way, whilst remaining grounded in reality
  • Personal beliefs – the sense that life has meaning and purpose. These can take the form of personal values and causes and may be spiritual.
ACT – How you handle challenges
  • Self-Assurance – the extent to which individuals believe they can successfully perform work-related tasks or behaviours.
  • Self-Composure – the extent to which individuals can manage their stress and remain calm under pressure.
  • Problem Solving – the extent to which individuals can plan and resolve problems effectively.
  • Goal Orientation – the extent to which individuals set appropriate goals and monitor their progress against those goals.
INTERACT- How you communicate and connect with others
  • Courageous Conversations – the extent to which individuals communicate with others in a candid and courageous way in the face of difficulty.
  • Social Support – the extent to which individuals have a supportive social network.


In 1964, Dr. David W. Merrill, an industrial psychologist and university professor, began researching predictors of success in sales and management careers. Through his empirical studies, Merrill found that people tend to display consistent, observable behaviours and that others consistently agree on words to describe each behaviour. This work became the foundation of the SOCIAL STYLE Model™ and the beginning of The TRACOM Group.

Since its creation, millions of satisfied participants have used the SOCIAL STYLE Model and associated courses and instruments to improve their workplace performance. In the UK, customers who have used TRACOM products successfully include household names alongside hundreds of other small to medium sized businesses and organisations from the private and public sectors.

Main programmes (available with assessments and training):

  • Social Style and Versatility
  • Behavioural EQ
  • Adaptive Mindset for Resilience
  • Adaptive Mindset for Agility

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