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Behavioural and Social Style Profiling

Behavioural and social style profiling from TRACOM

How Social Style profiling can help your business

Social Style is a model for understanding people’s behavioural styles and using this information to interact more effectively with others. The value of Social Style profiling is that the people being profiled gain a great insight as to how others see them.  This can assist in greater collaboration and cooperation between team members for example, which, in turn, improves the speed and efficiency at which the team works.

Our primary tool is the internationally acclaimed TRACOM ‘Social Style and Versatility Model’.  This is one of the most widely used behavioural profiling tools of its kind in the world and it can help to create a new way of looking at customers by focusing on the client’s observable behaviour in order to develop an effective influencing strategy. Used by a wide range of large organisations and professional consultancies, it will change the way that your sales team interact with their existing or potential customers.

For team and leadership development, Meredith Belbin’s team roles is one of our favourite tools for getting all manner of business teams including leadership teams to work effectively, whilst recognising their unique differences.  We have been running team building exercises and training workshops using Belbin® Team Roles for many years. For us, it still remains the most rigorous tool for working out team dynamics available. Several months after running our Belbin Training Workshops, feedback often shows that managers and teams are thinking differently about themselves, their team members, and appreciate difference and diversity more.

The Belbin® profiles encompass nine team roles,  and we would organise surveys to be completed online prior to a half-day workshop. In the first instance, we may recommend self-perception but there is an option of a 360 (observer input) version if required.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the MBTI is the world’s most widely used and heavily researched profiling tool and is based on the work of Carl Jung. It should only be administered by a qualified MBTI practitioner, who has been trained by OPP in Oxford. As the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator itself, is one part of identifying someone’s “Best-Fit Type”, it should not be relied on entirely and time spent with a qualified practitioner is vital, to explore the results in more detail and with accuracy.

We are able to deliver training courses using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to facilitate improved communication skills, to aid team working and team development, or within a broader management training workshop. A broader training workshop may focus on specific business training needs, such as general leadership, coaching, customer service or training workshops that focus on dealing with specific areas of conflict.

We would be happy to discuss how to use our profiling tools in your organisation to improve communication and personal effectiveness.