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Customer Journey Analysis

  • Unlock the power of your customer’s feedback

  • Audit your complete customer journey

  • Make decisions based on real evidence

  • Adapt your processes and train your staff to improve the customer experience

  • Drive improved performance by higher sales conversions and improved customer retention

With businesses facing increasing competition from other businesses and new sales channels, it is vital that every Pound which is spent on Marketing to generate business leads to an optimum level of customer engagement and transactions. A customer journey analysis will provide your business with an insight into what really happens to customers from the first moment they engage with your business.

Ensuring your frontline staff have the necessary skills and behaviours to deliver consistently engaging experiences is crucial for obtaining and maintaining customer loyalty. Mystery Shopping, along with other diagnostic tools, will provide an insight to identify areas of strength and improvement, supporting the design of tailored coaching and training programmes for your staff.

Our partners will work with you to design and deliver a bespoke mystery shopping programme tailored around your organisation’s needs. They thrive on the most complex sales and after sales customer journeys and they can offer a range of options to evaluate the customer touch points in your business including Video, Report Only, Telephone and Digital. Specialist trained researchers will conduct the assessments to an impeccable standard to ensure the reliability of the results and to maintain the credibility of the programme. They will analyse and present the results to you and assist with developing coaching and training to drive both process and behaviour improvements.

Customer Journey Mapping Tools

We have access to a variety of tools to understand and analyse the customer journey through your organisation:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Exit Polls
  • Consumer Panels
  • Auditing
  • Training
If you would like to discuss a customer journey analysis of your organisation, please call Sales Tec on 01628 567010 or contact us via the email contact form


Customer journey analysis from insights360