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Customer Journey

Sales lead management process

How customer journey mapping can help your business

Some businesses invest tens of thousands of pounds per year in generating sales leads for their business but are not always completely sure of what happens to them!  We can help in the design and implementation of sales lead management processes and map the customer journey to give you a better idea of what happens to those leads when they come to your business and what might be done to improve how those leads are handled and accounted for. The process also helps a business to have a clearer idea of which lead generation activities are really producing the best return.


However your business generates enquiries, we can help you to make the most of them.  In most organisations, leads come from a variety of sources including:

  • Recommendation
  • Directional advertising (off-line and on-line)
  • Brand advertising
  • Repeat business

The chances are that however you acquire sales leads for your business, some investment of time and/or money will have been required, whether those leads have come via advertising or not.  The challenge is to ensure that any investment is not wasted. As the pioneering businessman and fledgeling advertiser John Wannamaker said in the late 1800s,

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half”.

We can conduct a diagnostic exercise designed to test every lead scenario so that you know not just where the lead came from, but what actually happened to it.  Crucially, we can often learn most from those sales leads that are not generated into sales.

For larger businesses, a ‘mystery shopper‘ service may help.  This allows senior company executives to really understand what happens to a potential or existing customer when they make contact with their business.  The evidence gained from understanding the customer journey through this type of survey is often extremely compelling.

Completing a full customer journey analysis rather than relying on a theoretical one dictated by the business process can give you valuable information on:

  • Sales skills
  • Competitive pricing of the product or service
  • Service levels
  • Competitor activity

For more information on our customer journey analysis service, click here.

With a robust lead monitoring process, a business should be able to gain an accurate understanding of its sales conversion rate, as well as providing higher quality data to assist in forecasting. Mapping out the sales funnel stages, coupled with data from a CRM system, for example, are important areas to consider in this equation and things that we would include as part of any consultation. The role of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Adwords for example, may also be important to consider if your business generates significant interest from a website and again, this is an area in which Sales Tec has considerable expertise.

A major benefit to a business that goes through this ‘end-to-end process’ is that it highlights tangible improvements which can be made on an ongoing basis to ensure that a business is maximising on every single lead or customer contact that comes into the business.  Improvement activities might include:

Sales Tec can provide expert support on many of these areas, if necessary.

Please call Sales Tec for a free initial discussion to consider your current customer journey process and how we might help you to improve it (01628 567010) or email us