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Coaching and Mentoring

Sales coaching

How coaching or mentoring could help your business

Occasionally, an employee may need some ongoing support in their role even after attending a training course.  Coaching and mentoring, either short-term, long-term or occasional, can help to embed best practice and reinforce any learning gained from a training course.  This type of support may particularly benefit a newly promoted sales manager and could be provided by us either face to face or remotely. 

Sales Tec can offer a variety of services for ‘one to one’ coaching and mentoring.  Typical scenarios may include:

  • Post-training support to ensure that acquired knowledge and skills are consolidated.
  • ‘Coaching the coach’ where a manager may benefit from being coached through a challenging scenario before going through it with the rest of the team.
  • Training in ‘how to coach’ for managers
  • New manager in role needing extra support.
  • Organisational change management

We are experienced in coaching and mentoring with particular expertise in sales management.

Please contact Sales Tec for an initial discussion to see how we might help your business.