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Interim Sales Management

Interim sales manager's meeting

The problem

The departure or long-term absence of a sales manager can have an undesirable effect on both the sales team and the rest of the business.  A lack of day to day sales management, planning for the future put ‘on hold’ and the breakdown of an important management link with other parts of the business are all a potential effect of an ‘absent’ sales manager.

An interim sales manager could be the solution.

The solution

A short term interim sales manager can provide a solution to many of the issues that a business might face due to the loss of a sales manager. Duties might typically include financial forecasting and sales planning, running team meetings, recruitment and performance management. The contract can be full or part-time, short or long term but is generally no longer than six months.  A trial period of 1-2 weeks is recommended to ensure that there is a fit between our consultant and the business, including, of course, the sales team.  This also gives our interim sales manager the opportunity to gain a reasonable understanding of the business.

In the interests of continuity, an interim sales manager can also help you to identify suitable candidates for the permanent role, including profiling and interviewing. Our short-term interim sales managers are also able to develop and deliver sales skills training courses and one to one coaching to ensure that your sales team’s performance can stay on track. 

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