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Sales Training Testimonials

Recent Testimonials for Ontrac Training courses

I found the Essential sales skills course lead by Richard very thought provoking. It was presented in an engaging and interesting style and covered many aspects of a sales role in a way I had not previously considered. It has really made me think about the way I approach and deal with people on a day to day basis, which can only make me a better sales person.

Robert Brealey - Toray Textiles Europe Limited, Essential Sales Skills

“Graham was a great teacher and it was a very relaxed and friendly environment”

Karen Hobbs - One Packaging, Negotiation Skills

“Really enjoyable course. Kept my attention the whole time and was very helpful”

Kelly Nicci - Domicillium, Essential Sales Skills

“Enjoyable, interactive, informative and interesting”

Lyndsay Smith - Arkex, Essential Sales Skills

“Really enjoyed the course. Feel much more confident in Sales. Great length of course and Rose was fantastic! Engaged throughout”

Nichola Morgan - RMIG UK Ltd, Telephone Sales

“Very good course. Came away with positive ideas to improve the sales in my company”

Tony Kelty - Fascia Graphics Ltd, Sales Management

“Enjoyable two days. Informative and well presented”

Nick Hardy - Jenx Ltd, Essential Sales Skills

“Well done! Good course and good guys at the course”

Mark McKeown - Bauer Equipment, Negotiation Skills

“I’ve been on other courses and found this one to be the most beneficial”

Paul Arthurs - Union Industries, Key Account Selling

“Very good. Understood everything. Very handy – will be taking away something new”

Darren Cullen - Amtech, Essential Sales Skills

“Very interactive. Excellent course leader. Lots of useful hints and tips”

Cheryl Conium - Advanced Power Components, Telephone Sales

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